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Everything happens for a reason! Some time ago, my then 4 year old was picked as “The Friend Of the Week” in his school. As such, he was to create a poster about his life = 4 sets of Christmases, 4 Halloweens, 3 Birthdays… I could hardly control my enjoyment as I was methodically organizing photos of his major transformations through the years. Until…I hit the newborn to two year old stage. Hours later, tears were going down my cheeks silently as I was lost in the hundreds of poorly focused baby pictures. 1st smile – blurry and almost missed, 1st standing up – blurry too, 1st walking – not there at all as I was not fast enough with my point and shoot at that time. Memories lost, he will never be that small again! Then I smiled. Everything happens for a reason. I failed miserably in the quest to capture my toddler’s every move two years ago and of course blamed it all on my camera! What followed was my very first dSLR purchase. Problem solved? Not so easy... Next I found myself watching photography tutorials until the early hours of the day, curbing my fashion enthusiasm and instead buying camera accessories, taking days off my full time job to attend carefully selected classes and workshops. Voilà! With every breath I take now behind the viewfinder, I strive for crisp and full of life representation of the moments I would have otherwise missed in my past. I’ve more than made up for my son’s first two years lack of quality photos, yet I still end up spending my fashion budget on a prop or two. What a cacophony!

Contact me: Denitsa.Zinsmeister@gmail.com or 713-569-4053

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